The Lightning Fields CD

The Lightning Fields: New Music for Trumpet and Piano



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“Bergman and his trusty collaborator, pianist Steven Harlos, give specific tonal and rhythmic character to Daugherty’s mood shifts. They never just play the notes, and that goes for all of the works on this superbly engineered disc. It’s a first-class production in every respect.” – Jed Distler, review

“I finally had a chance to listen to Jason Bergman’s new CD ‘The Lightning Fields’ today. What a beautiful pure sound he has through all his registers. It’s a great CD to recommend to your students for developing sound concept and giving them an idea of just how good the trumpet can sound. Way to go, Jason!” – William Campbell (Professor of Trumpet, University of Michigan)


Catalonia (2003) by Richard Peaslee (b. 1930) [15:00]

  1. With fire
  2. Slow, with warmth
  3. Wired, excited

Published by Associated Music Publishers, Inc.

  1. Sonata (1994, revised edition 2013) by Daniel Schnyder (b. 1961) [6:00]

Published by Editions Marc Reift

The Lightning Fields (2015) by Michael Daugherty (b. 1954) [20:00]

  1. Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles, California)
  2. The Lightning Field (Catron County, New Mexico)
  3. Marfa Lights (U.S. Route 67, Marfa, Texas)
  4. Times Square (New York City)

Published by Michael Daugherty Music and available from Bill Holab Music 

  1. Song for a Friend (2015) by Kevin McKee (b. 1980) [7:00]

Published by Kevin McKee Music

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2009) by Anthony Plog (b. 1947) [15:00]

  1. Moderato
  2. Lento and with freedom
  3. Molto vivace
  4. Moderato

Published by Editions BIM

  1. The Adventures of… (2016) by Kevin McKee (b. 1980) [3:00]

Published by Kevin McKee Music

World Premiere Recordings: Peaselee, Schnyder (revised edition), Daugherty, McKee (Aventures of…)

Recording Credits:

Recorded 6-9 July, 2016 in Legacy Hall and the Feighner Recording Studio, Schwob School of Music, Columbus State University, Georgia.

Producers: Nicholas Williams and Jason Bergman.

Recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Matthew McCabe.

Product management: Robert LaPorta.

Package design: Tim Schwartz @ Cover image: Vitaly Krivosheev.



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